Of Course You Can - Your First Online Course in 5 Easy Steps

Has 'create an online course' been on your list for what feels like forever?

Or perhaps it's a new goal for 2024. 

But when you start to think about it there are just SO MANY decisions to make that it seems like a virtually impossible task and even your tax return is more appealing?

Well fear not... I have a solution. I'm a serial systems tester and have played around with all the options, every time returning to MemberVault as the best experience for but the course creator AND the course consumer. 

But even MemberVault has a learning curve, as does getting your course out of your head and into a format that can be delivered. So here we have my short course to get your first course up in no time at the affordable price of just £147!

What's Included:

- Step by step videos showing you how to create a course outline, create the content and everything you need to know to get your course onto MemberVault

- A Q&A session each day for the week of 11th March for you to get help with ideas, accountability and of course tech support

- A Facebook group to meet other people on the course journey for cheerleading and feedback

I know what you're thinking. Can I really do this? Of Course You Can!

Please note the course content will be available on the 11th March with daily calls from the 11th - 15th March

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